Monday, 19 August 2013

Music Monday - Paradise Valley

My ears (and the rest of my body) are continually craving new John Mayer music. Unlike a McDonald's breakfast after working a night shift, satisfying this craving always leaves me feeling fantastic. Paradise Valley, John Mayer's sixth and newest album, is streaming for free on iTunes now before the official release tomorrow. I have already pre-ordered my copy (obviously) but have had the stream on repeat since last week.

His music style is evolving, but I think my tastes are evolving alongside it. There are a couple tracks that are distinctly more "country" than any of his other music. I am generally not a huge country music fan, but honestly, for me, John Mayer can do no wrong. Topping my list of early favourites are "Waiting on the Day" (his guitar solos make me weak in the knees!), "Who You Love" (a duet with Katy Perry-- I swear it's great), & "On the Way Home" (who can resist a catchy "ooo-o-ooo" and some harmonica?).
I'm not sure about the outfit, but he lives in Montana now so I guess I'll give him a break.
Listen to the album, love the album and then buy the album. It deserves the attention ...and you deserve to listen to good music.