Thursday, 27 June 2013

All My Bags are Packed...

Image taken from Inslee
 ..but I'm not sure that I feel ready to go. Haha. I keep feeling like there must be something that I'm forgetting, although I'm sure that I've read the essential Europe packing list from every travel guru on the internet. And still, there is this nervous energy hanging around in my stomach...oh yeah, I think those are called butterflies. I think it's partially just disbelief that this trip is FINALLY here. Those months of planning itineraries, researching attractions, emailing back and forth, pinching pennies, and dreaming of L'Europe are over and tomorrow I get to step onto a plane with an amazing friend and experience a new part of the world, a new part of our friendship and a new part of myself. I'd say that warrants the butterflies. I'm praying for safety and street smarts, flexibility, positive experiences and the ability to trust in Him if things go sideways. I'd appreciate your prayers too!

 I'm not too sure about internet access -- expect a good blog update in a few weeks when we're back. In the meantime, I'm hoping to be able to post on my Instagram & Twitter accounts through the trip. Catch you on the flipside! Eeeeep!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Music Monday - Tegan and Sara

I'm reaaally enjoying this song from Tegan & Sara's new album, Heartthrob. The piano intro is kind of addicting.. I think I'm going to have to learn it!

PS - I will be on a different continent next Monday so I don't think there will be any new tunes for Music Monday here on the blog. I'm thinking that when I get back I'll share some of the music I enjoyed most throughout the trip. Deal?

Friday, 21 June 2013

Shear Perfection

           “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”    - Coco Chanel

I had a good 7 inches of hair chopped off and it feels oh so lovely! I'm still getting used to running my fingers through it and using half the normal amount of shampoo. And that whole changing your life thing? I hear that's what world travelling can do to a person. T minus 6 days! =)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Music Monday - Disclosure

I've probably promoted this song enough already this week, but I honestly CANNOT. GET. IT. OUT. OF. MY. HEAD. I've had it playing on repeat since it was used in the Jazz Round on So You Think You Can Dance. After seeing choreography for this song, I've had a hard time listening to the music without imagining dance with it -- almost like the song was made for dance. I'll stop babbling, here is "Latch" by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith. Enjoy!

Also, this choreography is pretty great too. (Seeeeee? I can't stop!)

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

I finished my classes 6 months ago. I started my job 4 months ago. I received my CRNE "pass" results 3 months ago. And  I walked across the stage 3 days ago. It's all finished now -- all the little pieces are in place and I'm a Registered Nurse! It's the end of an era for me, but as the saying goes, it's the beginning of something new and exciting. Another huge thank-you to all my friends and family who continue to support me as I transition out of university! Here are some of my favourite pictures from the big day:
My nearest & dearest from the BSN program (L to R: Anna, Margui, Julia, Allyson)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Few Pictures from Mexico!

So I've been home almost 1 whole week after the most relaxing vacation I think I have ever been on. A beautiful place to stay (just steps from the Sea of Cortez), the best company (my mom is awesome), fresh meals, endless reading material, a turquoise swimming pool...the list goes on. I was in heaven. Best graduation present EVER.
On one of our first nights there, a huuuge wedding was set up on the beach. Big tents, lots of lights, and LOUD traditional music. Around 10pm, we noticed these big orange lanterns floating in the sky so we looked down the beach and saw at least a hundred of them being sent off. It was so so beautiful and I desperately tried to get a decent picture of them, but sadly, I was unsuccessful. And then there were fireworks! And then more music and dancing until 4 or 5am! It was crazy!
These dolphins were seen in the San Jose del Cabo marina where you can pay to swim with them!
Thank-you for an amazing trip, Mom! xo
Time is really flying by -- Convocation tomorrow & Europe in 2 weeks! Viva la vida!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Music Monday - Brandi Carlile

I knew about Brandi Carlile before I ever listened to her music, thanks to my good friend, Julia, always raving about her. I even listened to a mixtape from Margui, another friend & "musical soul buddy", with a few of her songs on it without paying her too much attention. Her voice, her songs, her sound -- just how good they all are didn't hit me until last week, listening to my iPod on shuffle. Despite having less than 5 of her songs in my iTunes library, they seemed to keep popping up to play. And I loved them. And now I'm going to get the rest of her songs. And listen to them on repeat. Because I should've done it a long long time ago. "Save Part of Yourself" from last year's album, Bear Creek, is my current favourite. =)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ten Ways to Better Days

Image taken from here
A bit of real talk here. I know self-confidence struggles aren't universal, but it definitely isn't an uncommon issue..especially for someone fresh out of university and working hard at a brand new job or career. Most days are good, but I think some of these tips will be helpful on the days when things don't seem to be going the best or I'm putting too much on myself. While they may seem a bit obvious or cliché, I think they are really good reminders -- things that we forget to do even though we know they are in our best interest.

10 Ways to Improve your Self-Confidence 

1. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are totally unique, and have different talents, abilities and strengths.

2. Never criticise or put yourself down. There are plenty of others who will do that for you. You need to be your biggest, and you greatest, fan. Be understanding, gentle and kind to yourself.

3. Consciously accept every compliment you get and see them as accurate and genuinely meant. Don’t brush them off as stupid, wrong, or meaningless.

4. Keep affirming yourself until it changes how you feel. It may feel false at first when you say something like “I accept myself completely– and believe I’m valuable”. But as you constantly repeat it you’ll find that, over time, you do accept and value the person that you are.

5. Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. If you hang out with people who always put you down, and never seem to like or approve of your ideas, then you’ll soon stop believing in yourself as well (and it will also crush your creativity).

6. Make a list of your successes and accomplishments – like playing an instrument, learning how to cook, passing an exam, graduating from high school, or getting into college, or receiving an award. Review this list often – and be proud of yourself!

7. Make a list of your positive qualities and traits. Are you an honest, reliable and caring friend? Do you make time for others? Do you try to do your best? Again, review this list often, and get into the habit of focusing on your positive qualities and traits.

8. Spend your time doing things that you are good at, and enjoy. We become more alive when we’re doing things we love - and that naturally increases our self-confidence (as we’re being our true selves and not just acting out a role).

9. Get involved. If you sit on the sidelines and avoid all challenges then you won’t be able to achieve much in life. But if you push through the feelings of anxiety and fear, then you’ll grow, be successful, and have higher self esteem.

10. Be true to yourself; live a life that’s really “you”. Don’t let other people decide what you should do, or what is best for you, or who they think that you should be. You only have one life – choose your own path – just be you!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Music Monday - Vacation Tunes!

I don't want to brag or anything, but while you're reading this (and hopefully listening to some killer music), I'm on vacation. I know you're here's what you need to do: Change into your bathing suit, go lay on your bathroom floor with the shower on and then pop in some headphones with this playlist! The bathroom will get all warm and humid and you'll basically feel like you're on a Mexican vacation too! I revamped my entire iPod before this trip, this is just a small, eclectic sample - enjoy! Xo