Thursday, 27 June 2013

All My Bags are Packed...

Image taken from Inslee
 ..but I'm not sure that I feel ready to go. Haha. I keep feeling like there must be something that I'm forgetting, although I'm sure that I've read the essential Europe packing list from every travel guru on the internet. And still, there is this nervous energy hanging around in my stomach...oh yeah, I think those are called butterflies. I think it's partially just disbelief that this trip is FINALLY here. Those months of planning itineraries, researching attractions, emailing back and forth, pinching pennies, and dreaming of L'Europe are over and tomorrow I get to step onto a plane with an amazing friend and experience a new part of the world, a new part of our friendship and a new part of myself. I'd say that warrants the butterflies. I'm praying for safety and street smarts, flexibility, positive experiences and the ability to trust in Him if things go sideways. I'd appreciate your prayers too!

 I'm not too sure about internet access -- expect a good blog update in a few weeks when we're back. In the meantime, I'm hoping to be able to post on my Instagram & Twitter accounts through the trip. Catch you on the flipside! Eeeeep!