Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Few Pictures from Mexico!

So I've been home almost 1 whole week after the most relaxing vacation I think I have ever been on. A beautiful place to stay (just steps from the Sea of Cortez), the best company (my mom is awesome), fresh meals, endless reading material, a turquoise swimming pool...the list goes on. I was in heaven. Best graduation present EVER.
On one of our first nights there, a huuuge wedding was set up on the beach. Big tents, lots of lights, and LOUD traditional music. Around 10pm, we noticed these big orange lanterns floating in the sky so we looked down the beach and saw at least a hundred of them being sent off. It was so so beautiful and I desperately tried to get a decent picture of them, but sadly, I was unsuccessful. And then there were fireworks! And then more music and dancing until 4 or 5am! It was crazy!
These dolphins were seen in the San Jose del Cabo marina where you can pay to swim with them!
Thank-you for an amazing trip, Mom! xo
Time is really flying by -- Convocation tomorrow & Europe in 2 weeks! Viva la vida!