Monday, 10 June 2013

Music Monday - Brandi Carlile

I knew about Brandi Carlile before I ever listened to her music, thanks to my good friend, Julia, always raving about her. I even listened to a mixtape from Margui, another friend & "musical soul buddy", with a few of her songs on it without paying her too much attention. Her voice, her songs, her sound -- just how good they all are didn't hit me until last week, listening to my iPod on shuffle. Despite having less than 5 of her songs in my iTunes library, they seemed to keep popping up to play. And I loved them. And now I'm going to get the rest of her songs. And listen to them on repeat. Because I should've done it a long long time ago. "Save Part of Yourself" from last year's album, Bear Creek, is my current favourite. =)