Thursday, 22 August 2013

Watermelon-Lime Freeze

Have you noticed the influx of recipes for watermelon popsicles, lemonade, smoothies, slushies, and sorbet? I have been seeing them ev-er-y-where...all over the internet and in magazines, all summer long! Today I finally said, "Okay, let's do this then if it's such a big deal!" I didn't use one specific recipe for my version of this drink but tried to draw inspiration from the many, many ones I'd seen. Regardless, it's reaaaaally simple. I'm talking 3 ingredients.

I was surprised at how well watermelon blends; I kind of expected it to be a watery mess of pink pulp. The secret, I feel, is to freeze the watermelon in chunks. This gives the drink it's cold, frosty nature, but also eliminates the need for ice cubes, which will dilute the more subtle flavour of the melon. So, have these frozen ahead of time and the drink will come together super quick. You will also need lemon-lime soda & one lime. I felt the drink was sweet enough, but you could add agave or simple syrup if you wanted.

We enjoyed these on a sunny afternoon - a perfect accompaniment to a plate of sliced watermelon or a barbecue. Wouldn't it also be lovely on it's own while sunbathing or reading a book outside? Definitely yes. Can you believe it's almost September? Fastest summer of my life! Pretty soon it'll be Pumpkin Spice Lattes instead of cold, fruity drinks so make some while you still can!

Watermelon-Lime Freeze
2 1/2 cups frozen watermelon chunks
1 lime, juiced
1/4 cup (approx.) lemon-lime soda

Add frozen watermelon chunks and lime juice to blender. Add enough soda to combine to preferred consistency. Garnish with watermelon slices or lime wedges - mmm, enjoy! Xo