Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Europe 2013 - A Photographic Sample {Portugal}

So....let's just skip past the whole part where I was supposed to post these pictures a long, long time ago. Okay? Good. In case you missed it, one of my best gal pals, Jenae, and I went on a 3 week long gallivant around Europe during the summer. Our last week was spent in Portugal, in and around the Lisbon area.

Pastéis de Belém - ohh maaan, these are SO good...warm..fresh..crisp outside & creamy inside. I'm salivating now.
When we landed in Lisbon I was a bit hesitant and unsure of being there; I was expecting HOT, sunny weather but the skies were totally overcast, I initially found the architecture to be not as impressive as we'd seen in other countries, AND I was definitely missing our hilarious tour guides from the first leg of our trip. Wah-wuhh.

But don't fear! The weather cleared and we discovered some of the most beautiful buildings with incredible history. One bite of a Pasteis de Belem (traditional custard pastry) was really all it took for me to fall in love with Portugal. Jenae and I made way too many great memories to list, but some of the highlights include touring the local cathedrals, mansions and castles, sunset drives along the coast, stretching out on hot, sandy beaches, enjoying Santini Ice Cream (lots of it),  devouring pastries for all 3 meals, and of course, getting pulled over by the local police. Trip of a lifetime, I'm telling you! Enjoy the pictures! =)

Tram 28 - the most stylish way to travel.

Found the sun in Cascais!

I think this was Santini Ice Cream for the 2nd day in a row... mmm.

Azenhas do Mar - A small community built into the side of cliff!  Crazy spot with beautiful views of the ocean.

Exploring Quinta da Regaleira, a huge estate in Sintra complete with waterfalls, a chapel & underground tunnels.

Insane views from atop the Castle of Monsaraz - one of my favourite spots!

Posing front of Cristo-Rei. Our picture may or may not have been taken by a creepy old man.

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." - Susan Sontag