Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Back to Bikram

Bikram is a type of yoga that is practiced in a heated environment; it consists of 26 postures and is done in 90 minutes. It was designed to work every inch of the body and is practiced all over the world.  Okay - spiel done.

In April of last year I was invited to attend a Bikram yoga class with a friend and ended up going to classes regularly at my local studio. My first class was bruuuuutal! I got really dizzy and sweat out of pores I didn't know I had - not to mention that the poses were super HARD. The worst part though, was the headache I ended up with later that day. I learned after that first day how extremely important it is to stay well hydrated before class, during class and after class. Yes, you end up peeing a lot, but it's way better than getting dehydrated.

Since last spring I fell off the bandwagon and stopped attending classes - partially because I started shift work and also because I was living on a student budget. All of the strength and flexibility I had worked for slowly disappeared. I thought about returning on many occasions, but I couldn't muster the energy and perseverance I knew the classes would require..... until last week. Last week, I ventured back into the "hot room" (as it is called). And by hot, we're talking like, 105 degrees F. It's REALLY hot. I prepped with bottles of water, ate lightly throughout the day and dug around in my closet for my gear.

My instructor cautioned me - "Don't practice today with the expectation of picking up where you left off. Practice today like you've never been here before." I would be straight up lying if I said it felt amazing and like I'd never been away. But the truth is that the heat felt uncomfortable, I got dizzy during Trikonasana (triangle pose) and my technique left a lot to be desired. But that's why I keep going - because I know it gets better. It starts feeling fantastic to step into that heat and work hard for 90 minutes. So here's to feeling wonderful and staying on the yoga train!