Thursday, 24 January 2013

Taking a Trip!

I love to go somewhere. Sometimes I get these urges, like, "Man, I just really  want to get on a plane right now. Even if it's on it's way to Edmonton." Packing a suitcase and getting out of town can be such a good feeling! And that's exactly what I did this past weekend. As stated in an earlier post, I have been on "hiatus" from life with work or school for the past few weeks and I was starting to get a liiiiittle bit stir crazy. Luckily for me, my very good friend Jenae is living in Whistler for a bit and invited me up for a few days. It was such a good time! We have so much fun together - even if it's just watching our favourite TV shows in our pyjamas while eating trail mix by the handful.

Day 2 - Check out that sunset!
Day 3 - Exploring!
Day 4 - C-c-c-cold! But Beautiful!

Highlights from the trip include the beautiful sunny weather that lasted all five days, falling off a plowed trail into a snowbank, smoked salmon eggs benedict (enough said), and traipsing through a variety of luxury hotel lobbies.

I had the best time and it was exactly what I needed! Thank-you Jenae for hosting me - it was absolutely lovely! Xo