Monday, 15 April 2013

Music Monday - ??

I've always been a bit obsessed with television...the programs AND the commercials. In elementary school I was proud of how many advertisements I could recite and how many different jingles I knew by heart (I've gotten a lot cooler since then, right?). While I am less TV-crazed than in those days, I still enjoy a good commercial..and good music is a big part of that. Shazam, a smartphone app, has made it a lot easier for me to find out the names of those really catchy songs that get stuck in my head. Here are three commercials I've "Shazam-ed" recently: Windows 8, Netflix, & the Chevrolet Trax one (it's always those car commercials, isn't it?).

Every once in a while, a song comes up that seems impossible to find. Shazam won't work, I've tried googling every descriptor I can think of, and YouTube isn't any help either. I'm taunted with that beautiful 20 second clip every time the commercial plays and left wanting more...sorry, am I being a bit dramatic? Maybe I am, but that's kind of how I felt after hearing this new song from the new Kia commercial...especially when I found out the bad news...that 20 second clip isn't from a full length song, it was only written for this specific ad. Tragic, really. Here it is...I'm sure you'll love it and then we can lament together.

Ohh yeah! You've got me flyin'... Ohh yeah! You've got me smilin'... Shine! Shine! Takin' some time awayyy... Keep an open mind and... Flyyyy awayyyy! We flyyyy awayyyyy...