Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Secret Stash of Happy Moments

Once in awhile when I'm stuck at the hospital for 12 (or 16) hours and I just want to be at home, I can get a little bit down. It always helps me to retrieve a good memory from a happy day to remind myself that, "Hey, your life is actually pretty swell. Stop pouting, you have it good!"

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During the past week or so there has definitely been an abundance of those happy moments and memories to add to my stash! The weather has been gorgeous and sunny (think suntanning with a thick novel and iced coffee), there was a holiday long weekend (yay! family time!), a Menchie's Frozen Yogourt shop opened (I've already been there a sickening number of times) and of course, Meeko was just being super handsome like allll the time (still gets me after a year and a half)! Let's not forget the things I couldn't capture with my cellphone camera, like phone and skype dates with best friends, lengthy bubble baths & sleeping in until 11am! I head back to work tomorrow but I think I'm all set! =)