Monday, 6 May 2013

Music Monday - Alt-J (∆)

Ugh, perfect music. This song is fantastic for morning, afternoon and evening...for suntanning, for driving, for cooking. I cleeeearly can't get enough. I first heard about Alt-J when the Silver Linings Playbook released its soundtrack. I immediately checked out the artists that were featured and Alt-J was one of them. "Something Good" is probably their most popular song, but honestly the whole album, An Awesome Wave, is amazing. Listen listen listen!

Something interesting: alt-J (∆)’s name takes a little explaining. Pronounced “alt-J”, the delta sign is created when you hold down the alt key on your computer keyboard and punch ‘J’ on a Mac computer. The symbol has a deeper meaning for the band, as guitarist/bassist Gwil Sainsbury notes, “in mathematical equations it’s used to show change,” and the band’s relatively new name came at a turning point in their lives.