Friday, 3 May 2013


In one month exactly, I'll be laying beside a pool or the ocean, basking in hot, Mexican sunshine. In two months exactly, I'll be somewhere (maybe lost?) in Europe with Jenae! For someone who doesn't do a ton of travelling, this is big business and a lot to fit into a couple months, but I am suuuper excited! I should mention that at some point between these two trips I get to walk across a stage, shake a few hands and get my tassel moved from one side to the other. It's just a formality at this point since I've already been working as a full-fledged RN for a few months, but I'm looking forward to having that closure and celebrating with my classmates.
Image from Amy Neunsinger Photography
I know my passport is up-to-date, I'm working on eating a bit healthier in preparation for the hot weather, and I'm still trying to master this new camera. I feel like there are a million more things to do before Trip Numero Uno, but I guess I just have to take it one day at time! Summer is coming! Woohoo! What are your big plans?