Monday, 25 February 2013

Music Monday - Florence + the Machine

I have been a massive fan of Florence + the Machine for several years now. I was first introduced when The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was being released. One song from Florence's album Lungs was on the movie's soundtrack and it lead me to discover and devour the rest of her music. Lungs became the soundtrack of my summer that year as I listened to the tracks over and over and over..

Since then, I feel like Florence's musical style has changed in little ways (like collaborating with Calvin Harris on a few songs) but her crazy amazing vocals continue to make her music special. "Spectrum (Say My Name)" has another version with Calvin Harris, but I chose to post the original because you can appreciate her voice and the harp instrumental a little better. You can hear his remix here. I would list a few favourite songs here, but really both her albums and all of her singles are great. Enjoy!