Monday, 18 February 2013

Music Monday - Said The Whale

Do you know that feeling when you hear a new band and you really love them AND THEN you find out that they're a local band? It's the best! It makes me love their music even more and makes me feel really proud of where I'm from. This is how I felt when I first heard Said The Whale. My brother was playing a really cool song over and over again until I had to ask him which group it was by. That song was "Curse of the Currents" and it's still one of my favourites by this group. I also really like "Loveless", "2010" & "Lucky".

In 2011, Said The Whale won a Juno for New Group of the Year. That's a pretty huge deal when you realize that the award had previously been won by groups like Rush, The Tragically Hip & Alexisonfire! I'm lucky because I get to experience that great feeling I described earlier pretty often. The music scene in Vancouver is fantastic and it seems like I'm always discovering or being introduced to great local music. Happy listening! =)