Monday, 18 March 2013

Music Monday - King Charles

Charles Johnston, AKA King Charles, is my go-to guy for happy, peppy music. It's the perfect sound for sunny days that include iced tea, open sunroofs, & overdue chats with gal pals! (I had a good day today, can you tell?) "Bam Bam" is one of my favourites, largely due to all the silly dancing in the music video and the tea cup toss at 0:54 seconds in! While Charles hasn't released a ton of music, he makes up for by touring and releasing a song with Mumford & Sons...that's pretty big. Plus, doesn't he just seem super hilarious and charismatic? Maybe I'm just a sucker for those groovy moves!

Have a listen to some of his stuff & let me know if you're likin' it!